Dark Devotion

Grim Side-Scrolling RPG Dark Devotion Gets New Trailer

Gloomy rogue-like Dark Devotion has an aptly sombre trailer ahead of the project’s release this year on PC.

The teaser provides a look of the title’s antiquated art style, challenging gameplay, and a snapshot of what seems to be some impressively designed boss fights. The game pits the player with exploring a cursed temple from a side-scrolling perspective. The temple appears to filled to the brim with all sorts of eldritch and supernatural horrors that are to be felled through a mixture of swordplay and magic.  The gameplay appears to bridge the gap between PlayStation-era Castlevania entries and more recent titles such as Salt and Sanctuary.

The project is the debut from French developers Hibernian Workshop and was funded through Kickstarter last year. Further details can be found on Dark Devotion‘s Steam page.

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