Although The Astronauts’s sophomore project Witchfire wowed the world when it debuted in December 2017, the game could have been very different.

In a recent blog post, the game’s director, Adrian Chmielarz, revealed that the team worked on a vastly different prototype for a year before starting over. That original incarnation (creatively codenamed Astro Project 2) was a post-apocalyptic survival game “for people who enjoy the idea of a survival sim—alone versus the universe—but hate the execution.”

Chmielarz admitted that the decision to work on such a project was the result of an industry-wide trend towards sandboxes and make-your-own adventure games. While development was going smoothly, he wrote, the game felt too much like a product rather than a project made with passion.

As a result, the team scrapped the initial prototype and work on Witchfire began in earnest, with the image embedded above being the first one used internally to set the tone and share with investors.

Witchfire is still without a release date, though the development team has recently begun to open up about its creation. The game is currently scheduled to launch on PC, with other platforms not yet announced.

Previously, The Astronauts released The Vanishing of Ethan Carter back in 2014, about which OnlySP’s Lachlan Williams said the “unique approach and beautiful ambience are well worth experiencing.”

Let us know in the comments below if you think The Astronauts made the right decision or if you would have preferred a survival game from this talented team.

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Damien Lawardorn
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