Dark Souls 2 – Advanced Soul Farming Guide

Let’s be honest, Dark Souls 2 is a pretty tough game and you’re going to need all the help you can get. We’ve decided to construct a guide for all you single players out there to help make your time in Drangleic a little bit easier. Players who are just getting the game now ought to check out the beginner guide but for the more advanced players, keep on reading.

Equipment recommended for Soul Farming:

  • Tseldora armor set: Head to Brightstone Cove and kill the spiders and spider-men hybrids to nab that sweet armor that’ll help increase how many souls you get. Or you could also kill Maughlin the armor guy in Majula but that’s not recommended.
  • Covetous Silver Serpent Ring: You can get this off the Merchant Hag for spending 10,000 souls on her inventory. Just talk to her to get it after spending that amount of souls.
  • Jesters Gloves: Sold by the merchant in Iron Keep.

The reason you will need these items is because you will gain more souls for each item you have equipped. By having the Gloves and Ring equipped, you will maximise how many souls you could possibly earn. For example, say you earn 100 souls. With the ring and gloves equipped, you will earn 121 souls thanks to the soul boosting properties of the equipment. Simple.

Farming Spots

Just a quick heads up that most of these farming spots are located near the end of the game.

#1: Drangleic Castle (Easy)

You need to fast travel to the first bonfire in Drangleic castle, nearby the room with all the ruin sentinels and stone soldiers. The stone soldiers are an infinite source of souls, titanite slabs, stone soldier spears and llewelyn shields. They will never disappear after you respawn and they have a very high drop rate for titanite slabs. You can earn up around 100k souls with half an hour of farming as well as around 10-15 slabs (depending on your item drop rate.) It’s an easy spot for farming souls and titanite late in the game when you need them the most. I’d give this an easy rating because there’s not a whole lot of challenge in it once you figure out the move-set of the stone soldiers and there is little risk involved since the bonfire is nearby.

#2: Boss Souls (Easy/Medium)

One of the easiest ways to earn souls in the game is to pop down a summoning sign. You can get one from Mild-Mannered Pate at the start of the game. Basically, just put down a summoning sign before a boss’s gate (It doesn’t matter if you killed them or not), get summoned to another player’s world and defeat the boss. You will earn souls and rewards for helping out other players. This tactic can vary from simple to tough based on the boss you fight. It’s not the fastest way to earn souls but it is the most reliable. My recommendation for boss soul farming is to go to the Iron Keep and head to the Smelter Demon boss. Both the journey to his arena and the boss itself will net you a fair amount of souls.

#3: Giant Memory (Hard)

Late in the game, you will earn the King’s Ring and then the Ashen Mist Heart. By using these, you can journey back into the memories of the old giants of Drangleic. Head to the bonfire at The Place Unbeknownst (after you beat the Giant Lord boss) and burn a Bonfire Ascetic. Next, head to the Giant nearby and head back in to his memories. Once you’re in the Memories of Jeigh, you can either summon an NPC to help out or go past the mist and head to the raised platform nearby to grab another Bonfire Ascetic. After dodging the two giants, falling fireballs and a rolling giant stone head, it’s time to face the Giant Lord boss. He’s pretty weak to fire attacks and you should be constantly trying to dodge his sword. He can be a bit tricky if you don’t know his moves but when you defeat him, you will earn just under half a million souls. You can also get a fire seed on a corpse nearby for your Pyromancy glove. After you exit, you can simply return to the bonfire, burn another bonfire ascetic and repeat the steps above. It’s as easy as that. The downside to burning the Bonfire Ascetic multiple times is that Giant Lord boss will get harder to kill the more times you burn one. Yet if you’re increasing the power of your weapons with these souls, you should be OK. I’d give this method a hard rating because it will get harder to do the more times you exploit it. However, you should try it at least once and see how you feel.



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