Dark Souls: Daughter of Ash

A massive mod for Dark Souls Remastered has finally been ported to the remaster, promising a total overhaul of the classic RPG, “re-imagined and massively expanded” as fans have never seen before.

Aiming to “replicate the feeling of playing Dark Souls for the first time,” Dark Souls: Daughters of Ash makes many notable changes to the game’s content, restoring previously cut material and adding entirely new events and encounters. The mod is now available for Dark Souls Remastered, after initially being completed for the Prepare to Die edition earlier this year.

Creator Grimrukh claims to have spent two years and more than 1,000 hours programming and porting the mod, a feat that certainly shows in its extensive list of tweaks and features:

  • New game progression. “New world-changing events, key items, and unexpected pathways.”
  • New bosses and enemies, including some restored from cut content.
  • New NPCs and storylines.
  • New weapons, items, and mechanics: “discover new weapons with brand new abilities, items with new effects, and sacred pacts that can change the way you play the entire game.”
  • Expanded lore: “learn more about Lordran’s past from new item descriptions and gameplay events.”
  • New secrets.

Dark Souls: Daughters of Ash is now available for download on PC from the mod’s Nexus Mods page, while updates and discussion about the project can be found on its dedicated subreddit.

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