Dark Souls Remastered

Amazon Leaks Dark Souls Remastered Release Date for Switch

A retailer email sent out earlier today may have revealed Dark Souls Remastered‘s release date for Nintendo Switch.

Dark Souls fans have been speculating as to when the game’s Switch port release date will drop and it sounds like the wait may be over, with Amazon Italy listing the game with a release date of October 1, 2018.

The image below is a screen cap of an email a customer received from Amazon Italy.

Dark Souls Remastered

Low quality aside, the information definitely sounds believable. Dark Souls on Switch is currently only slated for “Summer 2018,” but with the season approaching its twilight hours with no sign of an official date, push back by a few months would not be out of the ordinary.

However, October 1 could simply be a placeholder date. For now, this leak should be treated as nothing more than rumor.

When the Dark Souls Remastered Switch port does get a release date, you can find it on OnlySP’s or through our FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.

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