David Jaffe’s New Project is a Single-Player Horror Game

David Jaffe

David Jaffe—the creator of God Of War and Twisted Metal—has revealed that his new project is a single-player horror game.

The new details, though brief, extend on the earlier information that he is aiming to create a short, story-focused title. Jaffe shared the news on Twitter, alongside mentioned that he is trying to do something different with storytelling in games:

He also admits to being scared that people will not like the game and has no idea how the reception will be, but he will show the game at a later, undisclosed date. For the time being, no one has yet had the chance to see the pitch, so Jaffe has no interest in it yet.

Jaffe’s last game, Drawn To Death, was a paper cut-out arena-shooter that got mixed reviews (siding more on the negative end).

For his work in writing and character development for God Of War 2, Jaffe won a BAFTA Game Award for best story and character.

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