Days Gone Developer Talks Importance of Dynamic Events

Days Gone

Previews for Sony Bend’s upcoming open-world zombie game Days Gone have shown a range of dynamic events, and a developer on the project has discussed how integral such occurrences are to the experience.

Speaking to GamesTM, Senior Programmer Darren Chisum explained the studio has a “dedicated team” for the conception and implementation of unscripted moments such as the wolf attack and clothesline trap revealed in the game’s E3 demo. These events will not be entirely randomised, however, with Chisum stating that their type will be determined by “where the player is, what level they are, and what they’re doing.” Furthermore, the same kinds of unpredictable behaviour is being worked on for humans, Freakers, and wild animals alike, which should help to make the world feel alive.

These randomised systems will also be affected by weather and time of day, which, as previously revealed, can have an impact on the prevalence and behaviours of the various different enemy types, with Freakers preferring darkness and wet weather, while the Marauders will typically be less active in similar situations. Following Days Gone’s E3 showing last month, Sony Bend released an alternate path playthrough, which showed how these variables can affect the gameplay, as well as discussing how open the game is in regard to the ways in which any mission can be approached.

Days Gone is currently expected to release in 2018, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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