Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 may not be as dead as many may be expected, given the long silence around the project.

The latest sign of life for the long-awaited sequel comes to a new tweet from the tropical zombie series’s official Twitter account:

The original tweet asking for news on Dead Island 2 was a response to the game’s Twitter account marketing the release of a new mobile game called Dead Island: Survivors. While exciting, the response confirming the continued existence of the sequel is laying some, but not all worries to rest.

Dead Island’s follow-up title was initially revealed all the way back during E3 of 2014 and was then slated for a mid-2015 release date. Now, being more than halfway through 2018, Dead Island 2’s chance has been looking grim to say the least. Originally, YAGER Development (of Spec Ops: The Line fame) was overseeing the development of the game. However, development saw a shift over to Little Big Planet 3 developer Sumo Digital in 2016.

Deep Silver confirmed the game was alive and well back in 2017, but more than a year has passed since then. The California-set game saw alpha gameplay footage revealed in 2014 and has not received anything nearly as substantial since.

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Michael Cripe
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