Demons Age Trailer Details Background Story


Bigmoon Entertainment today released a new trailer chronicling the history of Moragon, the hell spawn infested peninsula that serves as the backdrop for their 90’s Styled, turn-based RPG Demons Age.

Filling gamers in on the goings on that lead up to the start of the game, the video, that sadly doesn’t contain any gameplay, covers everything you’ll need to know about Demons Age’s narrative and Tolkeinesque setting. Including the rise to power of Vazuhr, the Lord of Darkness, (the main antagonist in the game) and his connection to the Moragon’s four mysterious monoliths.

Demons Age also allows players to play either as a single character or  in ‘party mode’ (Which I suppose means multiplayer and not just a weird recreation of Dance Dance Revolution with Halflings) as they encounter like-minded adventurers, explore mysterious ruins, and fight against ancient evil forces lead by Vazuhr, the Demon King.

Demons Age is currently being beta tested, and is slated to launch on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC in Q1, 2016.

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