There’s been a rumor floating around for a couple months now stating that Demons Souls 2 was in development, today we finally have closure on that rumor.

A comment on recent post over at the Playstation Blog by an Atlus representative asked about the possibility of Demon’s Souls 2 on PS4. According to John Hardin of Atlus studios, there will not be a second entry in the Demon Souls franchise.

PS Blog Exclusive: can 100% confirm there will NOT be a Demon Souls 2. :(

Don’t worry though, if you need you hardcore action RPG fix, Dark Souls 2 will be in your hands in just a few more weeks. Be on the lookout for a review when the game releases on March 14th for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. No next-gen versions of the game are in the works or even planned by From Software.

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  1. well that really sucks

  2. This is devastating news.

  3. Next statement .. We are definitely shutting down the Demon’s Souls servers in 2012 or, um, we mean 2013. Sometime maybe, perhaps tomorrow or not at all, ever!

    1. Even if the servers are shut down for Demon’s Souls the game will still work? Wouldn’t be the big of an issue I would think.

      1. Would to me, I still play it online… But Atlus/FromSoft are always pulling stupid statements, server shutdowns that never happen or we’ll never make Souls DLC and then do just that. They’re fishing. Nothing more.

        1. Hm, I suppose. Although, since Dark Souls IS essentially what Demon’s Souls was, I don’t know why there’s a need for a Demon’s Souls sequel? Then again, I’m not to familiar with the Demon’s Souls 2 storyline or anything.

  4. I have played neither Demon’s Souls nor Dark Souls (I know, I know, they’re on my list). From what I understand, Dark Souls was a spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls. Aren’t they fairly similar in gameplay? Could someone tell me any real differences besides story? Just curious.

    1. Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls are almost the same game mechanically. Except that Dark Souls has been polished up with things such as stat distribution, weapon choices, poise system, weight system (etc.), and pretty much, handles better overall.

      1. OK…so do you think I would be missing anything if I skipped Demon’s Souls and went straight to Dark Souls 1 and 2? I know Demon’s Souls reviewed very well but everyone says Dark Souls is a 100% must play.

        1. So is Demon’s Souls. Some would argue that it’s even better than Dark Souls. Trust me, you should not pass on it.

          1. Well it’s pretty cheap now…I might just pick up both…

    2. Main difference between Demon’s and Dark besides going from a hub world to a more open one was World Tendency which triggered events and made the game easier or harder depending on Tendency.

      1. Huh. Obviously they both have the intense difficulty aspect…Thanks!

  5. It’ll be okay. The Demon’s Souls series, did technically have a conclusion. Plus, Dark Souls II is right around the corner. Go beyond death.

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