It finally happened folks. After what felt like a decade (and probably was) Blizzard Entertainment announced the release date of the long awaited Diablo 3. The release day is scheduled on 15.05.2012 so it’s not long now before we can all indulge ourselves in killing hordes of Diablo’s army. You can already pre-purchase the game (or even get it for free if you buy WoW annual subscription).

I think its fantastic news, but my only concern is if Diablo 3 can live up to it’s the expectations. Since the previous Diablo 2 came out, it’s been long time and throughout that time many similar titles have been released on the market. Playing through Diablo 3 BETA I was pleased with what they’ve achieved but I couldn’t helped not to notice how much less it felt like Diablo 1. It simply lacked the dark gore atmosphere, and some of the other game elements which made the original feel so much more unique including amazing sound design, graphical aspects, and most of all simplicity.

I just hope that the full game will deliver, making it another great journey for all of us.  Official link here.

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  1. Fixed the date for you there. Had me thinking it was already out.

  2. oh right…think i might have put the wrong month by accident.

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