Diablo IV

During Saturday’s Diablo IV BlizzCon panel covering systems and features, Blizzard took time to discuss some of the finer details that will set Diablo IV apart from past Diablo games.

One of the more notable announcements was that Diablo IV will be conscious of the single-player experience, something that fans were highly critical of Diablo III for failing at.

Mega-popular Diablo III content creator CJ ‘Rhykker’ Miozzi was in attendance and live-tweeted the panel, writing, “All best content also available for solo play.” He also noted the existence of clans, a multiplayer element of the game, which can provide benefits even during solo play.

Although “best content” is vague, a major weak point of Diablo III was that seasonal progression was heavily skewed in favor of large groups of players.

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Craig Snyder
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