Time to dust off the old Diablo III, a new expansion is coming out.

Blizzard announced at Gamescom that a new expansion for their hack and slash dungeon crawler Diablo III would be coming out. Titled Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, this expansion would serve to extend the story of Diablo III past that at the end of act IV of the game. Much like the expansion to Diablo II, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls introduces a new villain to the game in the form of Maltheal, an angel turned evil who aims to rid the world of all he deems to not be pure, including humanity.

What does this mean for Diablo III players and newcomers to the series? Well they are increasing the level cap to 70 on all characters to allow for the inclusion of new skills and runes to unlock. Likewise, they are revamping the paragon system that made it essentially possible to “overlevel” past the previous level 60 cap. The improved paragon leveling system will allow for the inclusion of paragon points that will be acquired when gaining a paragon level that can then be used to buff your characters stats. Blizzard also introduced the inclusion of a new paladin-like character called The Crusader who looks to be a new support/tank type class to play around with.

There was talk regarding a new artisan, The Mystic, who would be able to alter the stats of your weapons or transfer stats from one weapon to another, and talk about changes to item drops, but probably the biggest inclusion to the expansion is that of a Loot Run Mode which will create a randomized dungeon to run through that Blizzard claims will only take about 15-20 minutes. The dungeons assets, lighting, layout, enemies and end boss will all be randomized giving players a quick jump in and new challenge each time rather than having to run through the same section of the same level for drops.

There have been rumors circulating about a possible change to the Auction House and the Only Online policy that Blizzard has been supporting. As it stands now the Auction House has been a long term source for late game gear requiring individuals to farm gold in order to by those items they desire rather than simply playing the game for enjoyment which made the gameplay grindy and stagnant. There have been talks to reduce the impact of the auction house by adjusting loot and quite possibly making it not as much of a requirement. The Online Only policy has been something that has been questioned since the beginning of the game since Diablo II featured offline play as well as online play. Diablo III since launch has made it so that you must be online at all times in order to play even by yourself, but with the upcoming console launch of Diablo III featuring offline play and no auction house, fans and critics alike are beginning to question whether or not Blizzard will change their policy for the better in this next expansion to allow for offline play as well.

Keep checking back to OnlySP for more news regarding any developments. And check out the opening cinematic to the expansion below. Warning: Video may contain spoilers if you have not beaten Diablo III yet.


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