Overwatch Director: Developing Campaign Would be “Like Making a Brand New Game”


Overwatch followers hoping for any kind of campaign content may want to lower their expectations after a recent interview with the game’s director, Jeff Kaplan.

Kaplan’s team launched Overwatch’s ‘Retribution’ event earlier today after lots of teasing on the game’s social media accounts. The event is a celebration of the lore Overwatch has established since its release. This time, though, players compete in a PvE game mode as the more secretive group of heroes, known as Blackwatch.

Despite a hunger for more in-game content showing off the character back-story, Blizzard is sticking to its multiplayer-centric guns. Blizzard knows its audience primarily stays around for the PvP game modes, but the company does not exactly like to play note either.

Kaplan says that the team loves making shorter PvE experiences too, but committing to a lengthy campaign would take more than the usual amount of time.

“Oftentimes it gets asked of us: ‘Why don’t you guys just stop doing this other stuff and just make the PvE campaign for the game?’” Kaplan said. “We would love to and that’s very compelling to us when we think about it, but that’s probably like making a brand new game for us. That is a significant amount of work. I am not sure our fans realize that it would constitute a brand new game.”

Even with dismissal from Kaplan, fan speculation will likely continue to be some of the most compelling on the internet.

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