DiRT Rally 2.0

Vehicle Damage in DiRT Rally 2.0 Carries Across Multiple Races, Further Single-Player Details Revealed

DiRT Rally 2.0‘s chief designer Ross Gowing has revealed some details regarding the game’s single-player modes.

In a recent livestream on Twitter (embedded below), Gowing revealed that car damage will carry across several races, among a bevy of further information.

Similarly to previous games, the single-player mode will task players with climbing up the professional rally ladder which, in this title, has five rungs. Each step up will increase the difficulty and quality of AI, with players being tasked with holding their position at the top once they cement it.

Interestingly, car damage will carry over to each race in the game until repairs are made, with broken parts of the car influencing other areas of its engineering. For example, damage to a car’s radiator will cause engine problems, decreasing acceleration potential mid-race.

Even the most careful of rally drivers will suffer “wear and tear” on their vehicles, too, which Gowing states the developer endeavoured to make as realistic as possible. Overall, DiRT Rally 2.0 is looking to add an extra layer of strategy to its single-player modes, especially in the realms of damage and parts.

For more DiRT Rally 2.0, check out the livestream embedded below, and be sure to follow OnlySP on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.

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