Doom Eternal Gameplay Showcased During QuakeCon 2018

Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal got its gameplay reveal during QuakeCon and, spoiler alert, it looks like it’s shaping up to be a bloody good time.

Id Software’s sequel to Doom 2016 will see an update to Doom Guy who will have better weapons–such as a shot gun with a “meat hook” grappling hook–and brand new, demon killing armor. Doom Eternal’s hell-spawns fall apart as they are ripped to shreds by all of the new weapons thanks to the new “creature destruction” feature. Sword fighting even seems to be making an appearance as a mechanic in the game.

Most notably, players from other games can invade another player’s game as a demon in “invasions,” thus shaking up the gameplay formula quite a bit. Lots of new concept art was shown off too, featuring new enemy types and redesigns for other classic Doom creatures.

Id says it is trying to build a “Doom universe” through lore and environmental storytelling in this next entry, but gave little information on what exactly this means.

Fans also got a better look at Elder Scrolls Online Content and more Rage 2 footage during today’s livestream.

Doom Eternal’s reveal came earlier this year during E3 where it was shown alongside the showcasing of other big Bethesda projects such as Rage 2 and The Elder Scrolls VI.

All in all, Doom has never looked more like Doom based on today’s footage. There is a lot more to discuss, so make sure to check out the gameplay video down below. Eternal has no release date or window set at the moment.

The ramp up to the Doom Eternal release is just getting started, so be sure to keep up with all the latest updates on OnlySP’s FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.

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