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Rebel Galaxy Developer Teasing Next Title, Heading to PS4 & PC



Double Damage

The development team behind Rebel Galaxy, Double Damage, has recently taken to Twitter to post a short GIF of its next title.

The video, which you can see below, shows off a new space combat game that appears quite different from what Double Damage offered with Rebel Galaxy. This new game, at the moment, seems to utilize a first person perspective and looks to be much faster-paced than the developer’s previous game; a far cry from the broadside-ship battles found in Rebel Galaxy, you could say.

The title remains unannounced, but we do know that it will be coming to the PlayStation 4, PC, and “probably” Xbox One, according to Double Damage co-founder, Travis Baldree. The twitter post also mentioned that this new title is still early in development, but those that have seen this clip seemed rather excited about it.

If you have not yet checked out Rebel Galaxy, OnlySP’s former Editor-in-Chief Reid Gacke reviewed it back in 2015, giving it 8.5/10, calling it “a brilliantly atmospheric game that delivers on the developer’s promises of impactful, enjoyable action sequences that overcomes anything it might sacrifice in the name of approachability.”

Stay tuned to OnlySP for continued updates on Double Damage’s next title as we have them.

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RUMOR: Fable 4 Story, Gameplay Details Leak Ahead of E3



fable 4 leak

Fable 4 will abandon its typical setting of Albion and firearm combat for a brand new, medieval-themed open-world, a possible leak suggests.

A video of the upcoming game has supposedly been viewed by reddit user LagSwag1 who quickly shared the information.

The screenshot below appears to show a brief story synopsis of a new world built upon the ashes of Albion and Fable 3’s Aurora. The two lands have been ‘reduced to fables’ by a mad king, who rebuilt the Spire and wished for an asteroid to strike the planet.

fable 4 leak

Now in a new era of a medieval-styled world spanning new continents and a Heroes Guild has survived behind a demon door. The leak also appears to describe specific old Fable links such as prophet Theresa and Jack of Blades. However, whether or not these links will be main features of gameplay or if they are alluded to as myths, history, or lore is unclear.

Fable 4 will feature first or third-person camera options, features in-depth character creator, incorporates multiplayer, and also strongly relies on time travel, perhaps as a mode of fast travel.

Though, again, not officially confirmed, the leak suggests the game will also benefit from using the Unreal Engine.

Forza Horizon developer Playground Games has taken over the mantel of producing the next Fable game, so how these leaked details may relate to the game remains to be seen. If the leak is accurate, fans can look forward to an update at Microsoft’s E3 press conference June 9.

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