Caracal Games has released a new trailer for its upcoming Early Access adventure title, Downward.

Showcasing a variety of environments and boasting a rocking soundtrack, the footage (embedded below) offers an enticing glimpse at the first-person platforming players will perform in the game. Featuring locales ranging from snowy peaks to coastal ruins, the game is visually stunning and looks to embrace the well-used mechanics of the genre in an engaging and potentially revolutionary way. In addition to the platforming, the trailer also provides a brief look at combat and some of the enemies that players will face.

Touted by the studio as a “first-person open-world parkour adventure,” Downward looks to take gameplay akin that found to Mirror’s Edge and Assassin’s Creed and introduce it to an exciting new setting. This setting is a medieval post-apocalyptic Earth in which the world’s equilibrium has been upset by some cataclysmic event.

With the story reportedly focused on the mastery of “body, mind, and spirit,” Caracal seems eager to tell a unique tale while simultaneously redefining the traditional adventure game. As such, the design of Downward is said to be holistic, with enemies, collectibles, and the levelling system organic and intrinsic to the world that Caracal has created.

This blending of story and gameplay design seems to offer a recipe for success. The trailer’s gameplay looks fluid and fun, while the enemies are ominous and deadly. Coupled with lush landscapes and numerous paths through the levels, Caracal could very well carve out a memorable position within the storied and much-loved adventure genre.

For more information on the game, be sure to look through OnlySP’s archives and our exclusive interview with the developers from last year.

Downward will enter Steam Early Access on December 19, 2017, with a final release date and additional platforms currently unknown.

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