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Dragon Age 4 May Be Announced at The Game Awards, Will Not Release Anytime Soon



Dragon Age 4

BioWare may be set to reveal its fourth installment in the Dragon Age series this week at The Game Awards.

BioWare’s general manager Casey Hudson teased that Dragon Age news would be coming in December. The news and timing was never specified. However, a recent report appears to have the answers ahead of time.

VentureBeat claims that BioWare and EA plans to disclose news related to Dragon Age 4 and its initial reveal on December 6 at The Game Awards.

Casey Hudson will be attending the game awards to show a new trailer for BioWare’s upcoming shooter Anthem. He will likely also introduce the reveal for the latest Dragon Age game.

Dragon Age’s pre-production was put on hold earlier this year so the studio could focus exclusively on Anthem. Now, the release of Dragon Age is predicted to be three years away. The report also states that this timeline could easily change, but for now is what EA has planned for the series.

If the announcement of the new Dragon Age game does follow through, stay tuned to OnlySP on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to catch the latest updates.

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Details on Red Thread Games’s Next Big Title May Have Leaked




Red Thread Game’s new title, Dustborn, may have been leaked on the Norwegian Film Institute website.

Details about a new game from Red Thread Games were disclosed in an article discussing grants given by Norwegian Film Institute. The developers next big title might be called Dustborn. According to the article, Dustborn is a dystopian third person game revolving around a criminal outcast named Pax.

Pax is a part of a subclass called Dustborn, a superhuman with powers she never asked for. She is tasked with smuggling an important package past the fascist regime hunting for her. Fortunately, she is not alone and has the help of a group of outcast revolutionaries.

With Red Thread Games’s past game Dreamfall Chapters being such a critical success, all eyes are on Red Thread Games for the official announcement on Dustborn. Until then, fans of the company have Draugen to look forward to with its release next week.

At the time of writing, the details regarding Dustborn are still available on the Norwegian Film Institute website. However, important information to note in the article can be seen below.


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