Mike Laidlaw, the creative director of Dragon Age: Inquisition is constantly being asked questions on Twitter about the game and has revealed a few minor new details about the game in the past few days.

There’s been some concern that Bioware would focus too much on action over story in Dragon Age: Inquisition. According to Laidlaw, however, the writing style will be very similar to Dragon Age II. He didn’t go into specifics on how much there would be, but if you’ve played the previous Dragon Age games, it seems that Inquisition shouldn’t stray to far from the formula of the games:


The game is being developed simultaneously across all platforms as well, which means there should be less potential for delays across different platforms when the game gets closer to release:


Finally, a Twitter used asked about one of the new features in Inquisition, castle sieges. According to Laidlaw, there won’t be many, if any, real time strategy elements to taking over other keeps in the game world. These segments will primarily focus on you and your party:


According to an interview conducted with OPM earlier this year, the keeps will be more of a management style feature than anything. How full takeovers will play out remains to be seen, but once you’ve taken over a keep some new gameplay elements open up. According to the OPM preview, “the more Inquisition agents dedicated to a keep, the more you can do. Fifty agents might rebuild a fallen colossus, for instance, boosting troop morale in the event of an invasion. Or you could send 10 agents to build a mine on top of a sulphur pit to shore up revenues.”

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Source: Twitter, OPM

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  1. I’m so sick of multi-gen games. Give us next gen exclusives please. Thank u RAD and Sucker punch

    1. But want about the other people whom are not fortunate to have a XboxOne or PS4. I think it’s a good idea for bioware to make DAI and multi-gen game so everyone will be able to experience the same thing everyone else does for everyone PS3,PS4, XBOX360 ,X-box one and PC, Just chill

      1. Then the millions who paid for next-gen systems get gypped because old systems are holding back the experience.

        Why can’t you just chill and wait to play the games until you get a PS4? Everyone will, eventually.

        1. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. If ac4 was made for next gen only it would’ve looked as good as Ryse.

    2. Pull the tapon out of your ass some people are poor not everyone horde money like you and buy a PS4 instead of giving money to a cancer baby.

  2. Same writing style as DAII? That has me worried. I found that the DAII story was disjointed and half-hearted at best. The first time through, I couldn’t even finished the third and last act because I got bored with having no more motivation to play through the town of Kirkwall anymore. The conversations with your party members was scaled heavily back compared to Origins were you couldn’t even start a conversation unless you were in that party members home or tavern. And the game was written out so that all your choices from the previous game held no more consequence than cheap, shallow cameo appearances or vague comments or codex entries. I’m worried that Inquisition will be Dragon Age II 2.0.

  3. “if you’ve played the previous Dragon Age games, it seems that Inquisition shouldn’t stray to far from the formula of the games”

    This makes no sense to me as the two games had entirely different “formulas”. Origins and Awakening where all about story driven content and open RP. The choices were interesting and had impact on the game and final outcome.

    Dragon Age 2 was the opposite. You were on rails the entire game and had only a couple important choices…. And even those did not affect the ending in any significant way.

    I also enjoyed the much more complex combat of Origins over that of DA2. But if I had to choose between getting back the combat or the story I’d rather have the story back.

    1. Mainly meant the dialogue choices etc and how those played out. Sorry for the confusion!

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