Dragon’s Dogma – A New Level of Freedom


Dragon’s Dogma certainly surprised me yesterday when I jumped into the demo not expecting much. Today we bring you a developer diary from the team building the game at Capcom, explaining their ambition behind the huge open world found in Dragon’s Dogma. Within the video you’ll get glimpses of the beautiful world the developer team has crafted along with the beasts that inhabit that world. Check out the developer diary below.


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  1. So I finally played the demo today and I came away impressed. I did not expect this to be as good as it was. I know it's not the full game but usually when I like a demo the full game turns out great as well.  The demo lets you play two different levels and in each one you are a different class. It looked like it was a warrior class and a rogue class. I usually play as warriors in my RPGs but I really enjoy playing as the rogue in this.

    I like how you you can grab onto the big enemies while trying to fight them. For example the Griffin fight in the demo, when the Griffin takes flight if you were grabbing it you will go in the air with it and you can then keep hitting it to bring it back down to the ground. It just adds another strategy to battles and fun gameplay.

    With it being an RPG you earn experience by killing enemies and doing quests. I didn't level up in the demo so not sure what kind of options you have but from watching the dev video it seems like it'll be pretty deep. 

    I did have two things that bothered me a little. The first isn't that big a deal but when another character did something special it would focus the camera on them in slow motion and then when it came back to me I kind of lost track of my character. Second is I didn't notice anyway to lock onto enemies. So sometimes it seemed like I couldn't keep track of my enemy. This was only on the smaller ones though. The big enemies are easier to keep track of.

    Overall it was fun and anybody that enjoys RPGs or anybody that loves gaming should at least give the demo a try.

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