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Draugen Will Release First on PC, Consoles Coming Later



PC users are going to get their hands on Draugen before console players when the game launches in 2019.

When a fan asked about a simultaneous release, developer Red Thread Games replied with the news. That said, Red Thread still plans on all versions of the game releasing in 2019, even if the game comes to PC first.

There is no confirmation on a Mac port of the game quite yet, though Red Thread does have Apple computers on its mind.

Red Thread has been trudging through Draugen’s development cycle since its reveal in 2013. Just yesterday, Red Thread re-revealed the game with a new trailer for the game, along with an updated website and story synopsis.

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Where The Water Tastes Like Wine Adds Chinese-American Stories and Chinese Localization



Where The Water Tastes Like Wine

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine will be receiving a new content update featuring Chinese-American stories, including full Chinese language support.

According to Steam, a new content update entitled “Gold Mountain” is available for anyone who owns the game. The update focuses on new tales focusing on Chinese Americans and their impact on American history and culture. The Steam update also explains the reasoning for including these stories:

“The Gold Mountain update was created to honor the millions of Chinese-Americans generally overlooked in American history. We hope that you enjoy the new original stories that are included in the update and look forward to reading all of your thoughts.”

Additionally, the ‘Gold Mountain’ update includes full Chinese language support for the game’s ‘Fireside Chats’, which is a free standalone experience that adds exclusive story content to the game’s 16 characters. The full Chinese version of the main game will release once the Chinese localization team, led by Ryan Zhang, finishes the new content.

OnlySP’s Derek Swinhart was left disappointed by the game when it released last year, stating that it promised “a long and exciting road-trip across unknown territory, but ends up only offering flat tires and postcards of better places.”

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