Dying Light’s Warm Reception Gave Techland ‘Confidence to Believe in its Ideas’

dying light 2

Techland is taking some impressive leaps with Dying Light 2, and the team says it has fan reception to thank.

During a private viewing of the zombie sequel at E3 2019, OnlySP was able to view behind-closed-doors footage of the game as well as partake in a quick Q&A session.

During the Q&A, OnlySP gathered some information about what was on Techland’s mind when creating Dying Light 2.

“From the first game, what we got was confidence to believe in our ideas.”

Techland went on to explain where this nervousness came from and how the game’s release changed the studio’s perspective.

“Before the release of the first one, we were really, really nervous to see how the game would be received. We tried to do a couple of different things: we had open-world parkour, which basically allows you to climb anything and anywhere; there was the focus on melee combat. These were new ideas back then, so we didn’t know how it would be received by the community, but because the reception was so warm—it was a business success, it was a critical success—we got confidence to follow our own ideas and our own instincts.”

Techland’s words hold true based on the demo OnlySP saw at E3. Those curious to hear about our thoughts should check out OnlySP’s Dying Light 2 preview here.

Until there is more to talk about regarding the game’s release, keep checking in with OnlySP on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube. Also, be sure to join the discussion in the community Discord server.

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