Earlier today, we posted the teaser image that Bethesda released for Dishonored, a new stealth action-RPG coming out later this year.  Up until now, we’ve seen very little about the game, but what we can tell you is that the Single Players are very excited.  E3 is going to be huge this year and we cannot wait to see more of Dishonored.  Check out the first gameplay trailer below and leave us your thoughts.


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Nick Calandra
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  1. I just got reaaaaallllly excited for this game. Can't wait to see more!

  2. I remember seeing an article on this in Game Informer a while back.  I thought it looked mildly interesting then, but this trailer is definitely exciting.  Love the tagline: "Revenge solves everything."

  3. Oh yes.  OH.  YES!

  4. Game is looking sweet. I love the theme of this game. It looks like it'll have an epic story too. The music in the trailer made it even cooler also.

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