EA Study: More Than Half of Gamers Consider Inclusion “Important”

A recent study carried out by EA concluded that more than half of gamers think that the inclusion of diverse audiences is important, with a sizeable portion also more likely to play a game with inclusive features.

The company conducted the online survey in May 2018, attracting more than 2,200 respondents. While the sample comprised a wide age range, more specific demographic details are not available.

56% of respondents said that inclusivity is important, while 45% said they would be more likely to play a game with features such as diverse character customisation options or varied narrative perspectives.

In keeping with those findings, the study found that a majority of gamers feel as though representation is improving across the board—for females and males, ethnic minorities and white people.

However, a recurring takeaway was that such representation needs to be authentic, rather than an example of tokenism. Among the positive examples cited were homosexuality in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and customisation options in The Sims.

The study also delved into barriers to online engagement that some players face, with toxic and unfriendly communities being major concerns.

The report delves further into the opinions of players, as well as suggesting ways that developers might better address concerns.

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