Earthbound, the cult classic SNES game was recently released on the Wii U virtual console. Although fans have been clamoring to get their hands on the game via virtual console since the Wii, some were a little more than annoyed at the increase in price to $9.99 over other lower priced SNES games. Earthbound was and still is such a popular game with fans and critics alike that it is no doubt it would sell well. It was rumored that Nintendo increased the price of the game over other SNES titles because they knew that the game would sell so well. When asked about why the price was higher than other SNES games, a Nintendo representative simply stated that:

“As for EarthBound, Nintendo sets prices in the Nintendo eShop and Virtual Console on a game-by-game basis.  Different games will be offered at different prices.”

Fans don’t seem to be complaining that much however, considering the game was #2 on the Virtual Console sales charts. $9.99 is not that steep of a price hike considering that most other SNES games cost around $8. At a $2 price difference, it isn’t too noticeable to make fans of the series or newcomers alike shy away from the cult classic.

Source: NintendoLife (Via: Destructoid)

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