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Meet the Wildlife of JRPG-Inspired Edge of Eternity



Edge of Eternity Update

A recent development update of the classic JRPG-inspired Edge of Eternity introduces some of the wild animals that players will find in the fields.

For the game’s 30th Kickstarter update, the developers at Midgar Studio revealed two of the beasts that will populate the wilds of Heryon. The first, the Orokko, most resembles a pig-turtle hybrid, with a porcine body and a heavy shell to protect itself from aerial attacks. The developers describe the Orokko as highly territorial, meaning that stumbling across one will almost certainly lead to battle.


The other listed animal is the Dunnrïr, a deer-like herd animal that legend tells is mandated by the Gods to protect the forest.

The update also introduces some of the recent people to join the development team, new screenshots of the game’s environments, and a work-in-progress version of one of the project’s main musical themes.

Edge of Eternity first made waves via its Kickstarter campaign almost three years ago, which almost quadrupled its initial funding goal, ensuring that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 composer Yasunori Mitsuda would contribute to the game’s soundtrack. Although Edge of Eternity was originally planned for release last year, the project remains undated, though will arrive on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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Details on Red Thread Games’s Next Big Title May Have Leaked




Red Thread Game’s new title, Dustborn, may have been leaked on the Norwegian Film Institute website.

Details about a new game from Red Thread Games were disclosed in an article discussing grants given by Norwegian Film Institute. The developers next big title might be called Dustborn. According to the article, Dustborn is a dystopian third person game revolving around a criminal outcast named Pax.

Pax is a part of a subclass called Dustborn, a superhuman with powers she never asked for. She is tasked with smuggling an important package past the fascist regime hunting for her. Fortunately, she is not alone and has the help of a group of outcast revolutionaries.

With Red Thread Games’s past game Dreamfall Chapters being such a critical success, all eyes are on Red Thread Games for the official announcement on Dustborn. Until then, fans of the company have Draugen to look forward to with its release next week.

At the time of writing, the details regarding Dustborn are still available on the Norwegian Film Institute website. However, important information to note in the article can be seen below.


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