Editorial: Activision Has Destiny & CoD, Can EA Still Punch Back?


Doesn’t it bug you when somebody hogs all the success?

Destiny and Call of Duty may not be tops in the minds of single player lovers but as they dominate the headlines this year it’s hard not to hear the crickets coming from the competitors. There’s only one publisher that is interested in counteracting the Activision juggernaut and that is EA. They have said numerous times that they want to take a bite out of Call of Duty if not blow a hole right through it. I’ve never been a fan of either of them except when EA accidentally lets through a franchise as-is before murdering it like Dead Space and Dragon Age. It is fun to watch them duke it out sometimes though.

Destiny has become an actual force to be reckoned with long before it even releases, something that is not the same as hype. I suppose a lot of that has to do with gamer confidence in Bungie and the massive advertising budget of Activision. So we’ve got that coming on Friday.

Call of Duty is still commanding a huge following and will be the go-to game both online and off for war fanatics. It has been showing some signs of slippage lately but it’s safe to say most developers would love to get the kind of sales CoD still does. Advanced Warfare will be following hot on Destiny’s heels on November 4th.


So, EA, your move. Whatcha got to punch back with? I mentioned Dragon Age before and there’s no doubt that on 4 platforms and after hearing tons of negative backlash over Dragon Age II, EA and Bioware will have things laced up. However, that’s RPG land. I’m talking about a barrage of bullets, bigger than big buys, and a distinct lack of babes.

Battlefield! Except I’m not sure Battlefield 4 works yet. Those problems have been a sticky wicket for DICE to solve and when it does finally come time to roll out Battlefield 5 folks probably feel instilled with confidence in an early purchase. There is Battlefield: Hardline coming out though. This is just my opinion but who ordered a cops and robbers game? I know the streets of America have become a war zone but I wonder which focus group said FPS fans were itching for the chance to tear down cities in pursuit of marijuana smokers?


Medal of Honor was severely damaged and nobody seems to care about Battlefield: Bad Company any more. If we jump in the way back machine there was this game people were hyped about once called Titanfall. It had a smashing debut with the number of sales over 3 platforms hovering somewhere around 4 million copies. Some DLC wouldn’t hurt for 2015 but you have to wonder if online gamers won’t just migrate to the bigger thing anyway.

Time to get cranking on Titanfall 2 with PS4 included? Probably.

David D. Nelson
David D. Nelson is a polymath with a BA in English working as an independent writing and editing professional. He enjoys gaming, literature, and a good hat.

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  1. EA & other companies should just accept that they can’t quickly and instantly replicate the success of Call of Duty. Retrofitting an existing series to “be more like Call of Duty” doesn’t work. Existing fans will be disappointed at the massive change in direction and newcomers will just play Call of Duty anyway if they want that experience.

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