El Hijo Puts a New Spin on the Spaghetti Western Genre


Developed by Honig Studios, El Hijo is a stealth game set in during the troubling times of the Wild West.

During the footage, the protagonist is seen sneaking past monks as they attempt to escape from the monastery after being abandoned there as a child. El Hijo will embark on a heartfelt quest to reunite with his mother despite only being a young child in one of the most deadly periods in American history. Players can throw objects and use the environment to assist them by hiding in cabinets or distracting patrolling guards.

Players appear to be able to interact with fellow children at the hostel who seem to give fetch quests or offer helpful artefacts. Another location confirmed for the game is a mining outpost complete with guards. The dark interiors of the monastery compared to the sandy outskirts of Mexico showcase the excellent and charming visuals El Hijo has to offer.

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