New Achievements for Total War: Rome II’s ‘Empire Divided’


A new trailer for Total War: Rome II‘s ‘Empire Divided’ campaign has arrived, along with a list of new Steam achievements players can earn within the expansion.

Released on YouTube, the new trailer debuted just three days ahead of the campaign’s launch later this week. With over 70,000 views in just 24 hours, the short video teases details of each new faction leader and footage of their clashing armies.

Following the trailer’s release was a list of new achievements players can earn while fighting their way through the Crisis of the Third Century. Detailed in a blog post on the Total War website are fifteen achievements in total, spread throughout all of the new content. Most of the achievements focus on completing the campaign as one of the factions, although some also highlight specific conditions, including surviving 100 banditry raids or avoiding Plague outbreaks. The full list is included below:

Horse Called ‘War’Complete the Empire Divided campaign as the Alani.
Unity is PowerComplete the Empire Divided campaign as Armenia.
There Can Be Only OneComplete the Empire Divided campaign as the Caledoni.
The Great PretenderComplete the Empire Divided campaign as Gallic Rome.
Romanus MaximusComplete the Empire Divided campaign as the Gothi.
Unite the TribesComplete the Empire Divided campaign as the Marcomanni.
Queen of the OrientComplete the Empire Divided campaign as Palmyra.
Restitutor OrbisComplete the Empire Divided campaign as Rome.
King of All KingsComplete the Empire Divided campaign as the Sassanid Empire.
Winds of ChangeComplete the Empire Divided campaign as the Saxoni.
Mr. Super-CleanComplete the Empire Divided campaign without allowing an outbreak of Plague in one of the regions you control.
LoremasterComplete the heroic event chains for all five heroic factions (Rome, Gallic Rome, Palmyra, the Gothi and the Sassanids).
Asking for TroubleSurvive 100 banditry events in the Empire Divided campaign.
Almost FamousWin a campaign without ever reforming to the Empire government type.
Unitas in VariteteUpgrade all three cults to their maximum level in a single region during the Empire Divided campaign.


Empire Divided’ is a DLC campaign pack for Total War: Rome II, scheduled for release on November 30, 2017. Set in 270 AD, the campaign focuses on the Crisis of the Third Century—a period in which the Roman Empire nearly collapsed under the combined pressures of invasion, civil war, plague, and economic depression. The DLC brings new features to Total War: Rome II, such as cults, banditry, and plagues, as well as ten different playable factions across five cultures. In addition, the campaign contains new period specific events, dilemmas, missions, technologies, and unique new buildings.
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