Epistory is a new atmospheric adventure heavily inspired by the Japanese art of folding paper known as Origami, and is coming to Windows, Mac and Linux at the end of March

Origami plays a huge role in Epistory with the world literally unfolding in front of you as the heroine glides through her adventure while riding a majestic fox. The player acts as the narrator of the game, where every move made and word spelt out solves a different puzzle or moves the heroine along. Spelling words at different speeds or in a certain order are examples of this intuitive and innovative gameplay from developers Fishing Cactus.

Spells are also introduced to overcome foes, adding more interesting mechanics such as burning words away or freezing enemies in place. The CEO of Fishing Cactus, Bruno Urbain, believes that Epistory can be a sleeper hit of the year,

“Epistory’s beautiful origami inspired aesthetic and innovative approach to controls makes it stand out, but the moving metastory and dramatic conclusion will make Epistory one of 2016’s hits.”

Along with the story mode players can challenge themselves in an arena mode to top leaderboards by pitting their typing wits against an endless supply of enemies. Epistory has already picked up awards in Belgium where Fishing Cactus are based, including prizes for Innovation and Excellence in Visual Art.

This original and intriguing adventure is currently available through Early Access on Steam for $12.99, offering the first half of the game. The full game will release on March 30.

Take a look at the Early Access trailer below, and have a look at the official website for much more information about Epistory at epistorygame.com. Once you’ve had your fillmake sure you’re following us on Facebook and Twitter (@Official_OnlySP).


Rhys Cooper

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