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March brought the first part of a two-part DLC featuring Juli Kidman as the protagonist, as she works to fulfill her mission from Mobius: a shadowy organization that wishes to capture Leslie. In that review I stated how pleasing it was to see a standalone campaign add-on perform so well by adding intelligent stealth gameplay along with a fitting parallel story  to the events in The Evil Within.

Not only did The Consequence deliver on the cliffhanger left in The Assignment, but upped the ante by introducing a blend of  stealth and true survival-horror combat into the mix. The Consequence continues from The Assignment as Kidman continues her mission to find Leslie, all while questioning her actions.

The DLC is littered with spoilers that I don’t want to divulge, but Kidman goes even deeper into her psych, revealing more pertinent facts about her past and what exactly Mobius’ role is in the universe of the game. The Consequence follows some of the same storytelling aspects of the last DLC, following the main campaign in parallel, but keeping the progression unique with new environments.


As I stated before in my review of the last DLC, the only disappointing aspect of all this is how much important information is being revealed that wasn’t included in the main game. There are several key reveals that I feel should have belonged in Sebastian’s story, and it’s a shame that it can only be learned through purchasing the DLC. On a positive note however, the ending is fantastic and leaves an amazing setup.

 Gameplay from the first installment has carried over, with the same stealth scenarios in place. Kidman will have to hide behind walls, while sneaking around her enemies,  sometimes using distractions such as grabbing an empty bottle and throwing it.

However things change about halfway through when combat is introduced, and it is nothing like the main campaign of The Evil Within. Kidman handles a pistol with much less finesse and experience, yet her shots are powerful. She is still weak when compared to Sebastian, making every bullet count just like any classic survival-horror title. Kidman’s flashlight still plays an important part in solving several puzzles and lighting her way through the dark corridors, but she will also receive new equipment that includes a brand new weapon near the end of the DLC.

The cut-scenes and environments are new, but the graphics from the main entry still carry over, a fine line of detail in every object against the brilliant lighting of the environment. Sound becomes a new pivotal component in the second part, with Kidman having to rely on her hearing when navigating pitch black areas where enemies and monsters slither around. Again without spoiling, the last chapter introduces a few new segments that fans of horror titles will enjoy, including a very memorable last encounter.


 I remember saying that The Assignment was a “worthy” add on, and I still stand by this statement, but it becomes further supported thanks to The Consequence, cementing  its place as one of the best DLC’s I’ve played in a while that has been worth my money. The story goes even further into the mysteries of The Evil Within, and helps resolves some of the burning questions leftover. While I applaud the narrative, its still a shame all of this had to be experienced through a different means and not in the main game. Overall though The Consequence is a sound send-off, and worth the price.

The Evil Within: The Consequence is available now on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, and PC for $9.99 or as apart of the season pass for $19.99. For all updates on single player news and The Evil Within, follow our Facebook and Twitter pages.

A review code for The Assignment was provided by Bethesda for Xbox One.


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