We’ve been wondering about this for quite some time now haven’t we? We knew Evolve had an offline mode, but up until now, we didn’t really have any idea what it actually entailed. Well, Turtle Rock has finally provided an answer.

The offline mode in Evolve is pretty similar to how Left 4 Dead’s offline modes worked, replacing your human allies/enemies with AI controlled bots. According to Chris Ashton of Turtle Rock Studios, the studio didn’t want to split their focus between single player and multiplayer so they could make sure that Evolve stayed true to their original vision. You can read his full statement on the subject just below.

“Rather than splitting our focus and crafting a different version of Evolve for solo, we focused on making sure that the solo game would stay true to what Evolve was always meant to be. In our minds, even if a bot is driving the Monster or the Hunters, it’s still the same great game.”

While playing in offline mode, you’ll be able to hotswap between characters using the D-Pad which adds some extra strategy to the game while playing alone. Ashton explains, “solo mode opens up some cool opportunities such as choosing your specific bot opponents and having full control over what missions you play in Evacuation, but there is something undeniably cool about bot swapping. If you’re playing on an Xbox One, for example, the D-pad is your quick-select. Tap in one of four directions and you’re instantly in control of a different Hunter. Go on and set the traps, then switch over to Assault to press the attack. Then jump into Hank’s shoes and shield the medic. Beyond that, no more waiting for someone to come save you from the jaws of a MegaMouth (or some carnivorous plant you accidentally walked into). And no more sitting by, spectating, while waiting on the drop ship. It’s all you.”

An open beta for Evolve will run on the Xbox One from January 15-19th and will allow players to test the Evacuation campaign mode, so be sure to get in there and try it out.

Sounds pretty neat for those of you hoping for a single player experience in Evolve. It’s not necessarily a true campaign mode, but it should still offer up plenty of fun once the game arrives in February. We’ll be sure to bring you more details on the offline modes for Evolve as we hear them so don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Nick Calandra
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