Ex-Dying Light Developers Return With Horror Title, Green Hell


The psychological state of being marooned is a setting that has rarely been explored by horror games, but developer Creepy Jar’s Green Hell is making an attempt to bridge the gap between first-person horror and island-based survival.

The developer is made up of several ex-Techland members, who boast an impressive array of horror titles in their back catalogue, including Dying Light, Dead Island, and Nail’d. By bringing its pedigree to the forefront, Creepy Jar is hoping to deliver a title that balances realism with psychological thrills.

Players will be marooned in the uncharted depths of an Amazon rainforest, as they are quickly tasked with the need to acclimatise for survival. From deadly flora and fauna to wild inhabitants, players will need to decide between ally and enemy on the fly in order to survive.

A lot of care has been taken to ensure the rainforest reacts in a natural, organic fashion, with Green Hell primarily concerning itself with the gritty realism of survival. Rather gruesomely, players will also need to maintain self-care to rid themselves of parasites, infections, and wounds; the developer has attempted to include the implicit dangers of the rainforest, not just the explicit.

The title will be hitting Early Access August 29. The Early Access build features one half of the island map, five enemies, a look into the game’s healing mechanics, as well as the opportunity to enjoy the fully-voiced tutorial portion of the story. For more, check out the trailer, embedded below, and be sure to follow OnlySP on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube:

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