Ex-Quantic Dream Designer Opens New Studio for Narrative Games

Interior Night

A former lead designer at Quantic Dream has started a new development studio called Interior Night in hopes of presenting “innovative and accessible narrative games.”

Caroline Marchal, who has previously worked on titles such as Heavy Rain, Indigo Prophecy, and Beyond: Two Souls during her 11 years at the David Cage-led studio, opened Interior Night to pursue a more compact narrative style. Additionally, the new London-based studio will aim to bring in television audiences, rather than focusing only on gamers.

In an interview with, Marchal elaborated on the reasoning behind the choice to gear development toward the stay-at-home television and Netflix bingers. “We think we can bring a TV audience to our games with streamlined mechanics—very accessible and simple interactions—and a very strong focus on story and character development, things TV shows are currently the best at,” Marchal said.

Marchal will not embark on a quest of game development on her own though, as she will be accompanied by additional ex-Quantic Dream staff and former members of other studios.

Marchal goes on in the interview to briefly speak on the potential mobile phones and tablets have in today’s gaming market.

One of Sony’s newest ventures into the merging mobile and console market is PlayLink, where players can control multiplayer console games with their mobile device. Games that have taken advantage of this new technology include That’s You!, Knowledge is Power, and Hidden Agenda.

Whether Interior Night will take advantage of services similar PlayLink is uncertain, but the mobile market is in the back of the newborn studio’s mind. For now, Marchal and the rest of the Interior Night team will stick to offering small, narrative-driven, big-screen games.

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