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Exclusive DOLMEN Videos Provide Extended Look at World and Gameplay

The team behind sci-fi action game DOLMEN—which has been likened to an amalgam of Dark Souls and Dead Space—has provided OnlySP with a handful of exclusive videos revealing much more of the environments and combat.

As with the previous images shared, all of the footage is drawn from a pre-alpha build of the game, meaning that much of the content is rough and unfinished. Nonetheless, the videos reveal a game dripping with atmosphere and a world thick with monsters.

DOLMEN is currently on Kickstarter for the second time, after its first crowdfunding effort at the beginning of 2018 fell short. At the time of writing, the project is less than USD$1000 away from its funding target, which is anticipated to provide the first chapter of the game, comprising approximately four hours of content. Stretch goals include additional gameplay features at $40,000, a female character model at $55,000, and entirely new levels beginning at $110,000.

Please note that these videos are without audio; the first provides a close-up look at the base character model and an extended look at one of the environments before showing off a battle against one of the Cutlowor, which the developer says is one of the biggest creatures on Revion Prime.

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