Iron Galaxy has today shared new lore details about the upcoming title Extinction via a short, animated trailer.

The trailer outlines the history of the Sentinels, a group of mystical warriors that once fought against the gigantic monsters known as Ravenii. With the Sentinels thought to be long gone, and their existence reduced to stories and legends, a new hero Avil will take up the mantle of Sentinel.

Thus far, Avil has been the sole focus of the other gameplay reveals but the new trailer teases some of the other characters players may come into contact with. A young woman, revealed to be named Xandra, narrates the trailer giving hints at her past enslavement and eventual encounter with Avil. An aged man can also be seen in the trailer alongside Avil wearing similar garbs possibly hinting towards the revival of the Sentinel order or his passing down of the Sentinel teachings.

The humans must adapt and learn how to use the Ravenii’s technology against them or risk losing the final human kingdom of Dolorum, and all of its people, to the besieging goliaths.

Extinction will be released on April 10, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. For all the latest on Extinction and much more from the world of single-player gaming, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Richard Flint
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