Trails to Zero and Trails to Azure

The enhanced releases of Trails to Zero and Trails to Azure could be coming to PlayStation 4.

On the Trails Series 15th Anniversary Broadcast live stream, Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo expressed the fact that he would like to bring some of the older games in the Trails series to the PlayStation 4.

Additionally, Kondo noted that he does not “like how the options to play our old works disappear with time.” He added, “We believe our stories are timeless, but consoles change over time. Due to this we want to provide options to play them in some ways. The Trails series will obviously continue, so it’ll be nice to check out previous games in the series. Currently we want to make something that can be played on the PS4, and we’re working on it behind the scenes.”

The “Evolution” re-releases of the Trails games are enhanced ports of the PlayStation Portable versions for the PlayStation Vita. They contain improved visuals and full voice acting for the main stories.

In a Tumblr post, XSEED explained that Trails to Zero and Trails to Azure were never localized for a western audience because the PlayStation Portable would have been a dead platform by the time the localization was done. XSEED chose to bring Trails of Cold Steel to the west before the PlayStation 3 and Vita faded into further obscurity and could still be considered a “smart business move.”

Eventually, however, an enhanced version of the first Cold Steel, dubbed the Decisive Edition, was released on PlayStation 4 with dual audio and previously released DLC, while an enhanced version of Cold Steel II, subtitled the Relentless Edition, features the same bells and whistles as the enhanced version of its predecessor and is also already available.

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