Fallout 76
E3 2018 News

Fallout 76 Prequel to Other Fallout Games, No Indication Of Online Only

Todd Howard, at this year’s Microsoft E3 conference, revealed an exclusive look at Fallout 76, complete with a full trailer.

The title is four times as large as Fallout 4, with the game being set in the hills of West Virginia. The title is a prequel to other Fallout games, where players will be among the first to enter the irradiated wasteland.

The trailer is complete with surprisingly colourful locales, buildings, and environments. The trailer, which contains no gameplay footage nor any indication of online play, also features the ordinary array of Fallout tech and weapons, albeit slightly more polished than usual.

Thankfully, Howard did not reveal anything about the reported online only rumours for 76, so, as of writing, the project looks like a single-player title.

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