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While the hype for Fallout 76 has reinvigorated interest in Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic franchise, the news has had the unfortunate side effect of eclipsing some of the series’s mod offerings. In fact, a significant amount of new, fan-made single-player Fallout content is currently in development, ushering in a renaissance for New Vegas and Fallout 4. Below, OnlySP has rounded up some of the best single-player campaign mods for the Fallout series, seeing as 76 will be ambivalent to solo play.

Fallout: Miami

A commonality between single-player mods is a focus on uncharted Fallout locations. Developers have cited a myriad of reasons for uncharted content, but these reasons can be condensed down to a lack of narrative conflict with the established canon. However, team behind Fallout: Miami has taken the brave choice to create a mod that continues the adventures of the Sole Survivor from Fallout 4, flying in the face of story mod tradition. Miami brings the series to the south-east of the United States, in the “the geographic area covered is roughly from South Pointe Pier to the famed Fontainbleu Hotel.” The conversion mod focuses on the survival strategies, deadly fauna, and glitzy urbanisation of the Floridian hotspot. Stylised as the “Vacation Wasteland,” this area of the Fallout universe is significantly less radiated, offering rare chances at recreation and a traditional life. More information can be found on the game’s subreddit, in which the developer released the following statement: “The scale of the project is comparable to an official expansion, featuring a main quest, multiple side quests, new items, and a large cast of voiced characters.” Further details can be found in the game’s trailer, which implies the Fontainbleu Hotel will be a focal point in the project’s story:

Fallout: New York

In Fallout lore, New York is considered “gone” following the Great War of 2077. Little more is expanded upon, whether the city is dust or ruins. This mod, developed by Roserosenbergfr, imagines a New York in ruins, complete with iconic buildings such as the National History Museum and an intact metro system (trains notwithstanding). A bunch of fresh screens, along with some gameplay footage, is embedded below. Few details have been released, but this mod is definitely worth keeping an eye on, as the creator is making a concerted effort to reliably translate Manhattan to Fallout:


Cascadia is a bioregion and proposed country that exists within the confines of both Canada and the United States. Stretching between British Columbia and Washington state, the region is known for its forests, lakes, wildlife, and, well, Fallout mods. Cascadia, at its core, is an attempt to reconnect the Fallout series with the natural world, substituting the barren wastelands of previous entries for more robust and populated undergrowth. The mod hopes to create an entirely new single-player story set in Seattle, with the game branching out to the rural surroundings of the Washington capital. Fallout games, along with mods, have mostly steered away from the West Coast, meaning the area offers untapped narrative and art design potential. The mod is set several decades after Fallout 4, and the world of Cascadia intertwines nature and urban areas. Speaking to Kotaku, mod director Dr Weird summed up that the game attempts “to create a world where nature shows subtle signs of having returned to a more natural order.” In gameplay terms, that means more greenery, conifers, mutated fauna, and less empty wasteland. Most of the foliage has been created by the team, with the asset conversions being touched up considerably. A full trailer, embedded below, has now been released, expanding on the mod’s impressive conversion of Seattle’s surroundings:

Liberty Hell

Liberty Hell, named affectionately after the Liberty Bell, is an attempt to re-create Philadelphia in the Fallout universe. The mod boasts four playable characters, each with their own origins, motivations, dialogue, and game start. The developer, Liberty Wastes Beautification Committee, has been working on the project for two years and released a new teaser in April as a visual update on development. Interestingly, the three characters the player does not pick can be found in the world as NPCs and can join the player as companions, giving the mod a classical RPG feel. The mod will be free, with updates available on the game’s ModDB page.

Fallout: New California

Moving into New Vegas mods, New California acts as a prequel to the Courier’s story. New California is amazingly ambitious for a mod, sporting a new story with branching paths, a new playable character, 16,000 lines of voiced dialogue, and 12 different endings. The mod has been in development by project leader Brendan Lee since 2012, originally titled as Fallout: Project Brazil before changing direction. Players assume the role of a new player character, an adopted resident of Vault 18, embarking on a journey through the wastelands of the New California Republic’s Cajon Pass. The mod is listed as a prequel, with the game tying into the events that land New Vegas‘s protagonist in hot water. A fully playable beta, along with a narrative trailer, is now available for the dark take on California:

Fallout: The Frontier

Outside of Fallout 3‘s ‘Operation Anchorage’, the franchise has never flirted with snowy climates. The Frontier is a mod that pits players, as the Courier, to aid a band of NCR deserters against an unidentified military force. The mod threads organically into New Vegas, with the initial quest popping up during the events of the main game. The mod’s trailer shows off some new additions to the franchise, including tanks and other heavy armour, trains, and a Death Star-inspired laserbeam:

The Fallout community has created some good single-player focused content, so if 76 does not appeal to the audience of OnlySP, then perhaps one of these mods will. For more on the best of single-player gaming, from indies to mods to AAA, be sure to follow OnlySP on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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