Fan-Made P.T. Remake Coming To PC

2014’s now-defunct horror P.T. is coming to PC via a fan-made remake that appears to be an accurate translation of the PlayStation exclusive.

The project is the endeavour of 17-year-old developer Qimsar, who is remaking the game for the “preservation of art.” In just one month of work, Qimsar has recreated all of the game’s files in Unreal Engine 4 by studying speed-runs, walkthroughs, and his own copy of the original.

The results are surprisingly accurate, with an alpha build available for download on GameJolt. However, the build is currently missing animations, with Qimsar seeking a partner to datamine animations from the PlayStation 4 version.

The “1.0” build is expected to be available in roughly a week, with basic animations and VR support included. Previous attempts have been made to port the title to PC, but none have been fully playable from beginning to end. Whether the original title’s publisher, Konami, allows the project to reach that version or issues a cease-and-desist order remains to be seen.

The Hideo Kojima-developed P.T. enamoured horror fans in 2014 before the title was permanently removed from PSN. The teaser served as a prologue for the cancelled Silent Hills title, before Kojima and Konami split.

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