GameTrailers reports of a new DLC heading our way for FF13-2. This time its main focus is Lightning. The DLC is supposed to be called “Requiem of the Goddess”. It is not known what will be the content of this episode at the moment, but apparently it will feature different approach to combat.

Having played through the main game, I didn’t particularly enjoy the characters of Sarah and Noel so when Square announced they will publish more game content in the future, it was a relive for me, as it meant there is high probability to see more of Lightning (arguably the best character of FF13).

What worries me though is, it seems that Square’s idea of releasing a game is to strip it out of content and then charge extra money for something that should be there in first place. I also wonder if this new DLC means we can expect more content in the future with remaining characters from FF13 universe. In any case, regardless to additional content added to the game it all doesn’t change the simple fact of how poor the main story was and no DLC can fix that. Make a note here Square.

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