Final Fantasy XIII-2 poor sales figures can only be blamed on the quality of the product.


As recently (yet unofficially posted) by NoeGAF sales figures of FF13-2 come in with a big shock. According to RPG Site they sold approximately 350K units (during one month in America region) and for most games that result would be pleasing, but for AAA titles like FF that it simply shameful and frankly in my opinion unacceptable. I actually wonder if they will break the 2million units benchmark.

But having actually purchased the game I can honestly say I am not surprised. Throughout my experience with the game almost every aspect of it felt like it was “recycled plastic”. I really struggled to see where developers actually produced something new and it felt like eating last day dinner. But that’s not the worst part of it. It seemed to me like the entire experience was heavily compromised and everything was badly executed, from cut scenes, storytelling to graphics. I personally would blame lack of development time for that.

It simply wasn’t the polished quality product we use to know from the series. And although I wouldn’t call it a horrible game, and it still managed to entertain and keep the player busy with quite a lot of content it was still a major let down. I generally wasn’t too happy with Square going down for a direct sequel but I didn’t see anything against it if it was developed well.

And my main concern is that, it is stuff like that, which unfortunately ruins the reputation of the series. If Square Enix doesn’t address some of those issues it will simply loose its audience which so far it’s seems to be taking for granted.

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