Independent Tokyo-based developers Friend & Foe have revealed more about their upcoming release Vane.

The game, originally an interactive art piece, has evolved in to “an epic adventure about a child lost in a world where anything was possible.” It has maintained its visual sensibility though, and will rely on that sensibility to tell the story in a way that ensures that its beginnings as a visual experiment are not forgotten.

In a post on Made with Unity, Friend & Foe detail the process that they’ve gone through as they’ve transitioned from visual art piece to fully-fledged video game, the level design being one of the main features that they’ve honed. As they say, overloading the player with new stimuli can result in overload, so ensuring that the developers get across what they want to the player has been highly important.

“When we were testing a key reveal about our world and the character you play, we put so much emphasis on every one of those channels that some players missed the central element altogether. Since one of the tenets of Vane is to tell a story through events and the environment, reducing the noise overall and introducing elements in bite-sized chunks has proven crucial to commanding the player’s attention when we need it.”

The challenge comes from ensuring that the environment keeps the player guessing, answering questions as it brings up new ones to take the story forward, but Friend & Foe are quietly confident they are developing a game that will balance visual extravagance with a plotline that makes use of the surroundings and keeps the player guessing without being too convoluted.

The game currently does not have a release date.

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Sep Gohardani

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