IGN is showcasing a number of games this month through their IGN First program, and to start it off, they’ve revealed the first uncut gameplay from Campo Santo’s upcoming game, Firewatch.

We’ve covered Firewatch quite a bit here and will hopefully get to speak with the team soon about the game, but in the meantime you can check out the game for yourself just below. The game looks quite beautiful and I for one cannot wait to see more of it.

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Nick Calandra
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  1. Ok, that hooked me.

    Am I wrong in thinking this will be a 30 dollar game rather than a 70 dollar one?

    Either way I think I’m committed to buying it.

    1. Yea the game won’t be a full priced title, but I’d expect it to be around $19.99 or $24.99

      1. It’s a little disconcerting that they haven’t nailed down a release date yet though. This game would be a great summer play through.

        Can’t wait.

  2. Woah. Some great atmosphere here. It really keeps you expecting something to happen. Like the echo in the cave, or what you’d find when you follow the dark figure. I want this so badly. They’ve done a great job. The voice acting is amazing too. Very natural, feels very real and the characters like regular folks, but still with a unique personality.

  3. There’s some great humor in this. Very natural. Looking forward to this!

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