First Details About Gone Home Dev’s Next Game

The first details of the next game from the developers behind Gone Home have been revealed  via a new job listing. Like their previous title, it is being touted as an “immersive, first-person story exploration game”, although the “aesthetic experience” is going to be expanded through the inclusion of other characters, which are described as being “subtle, expressive, [and] high fidelity”. This marks a departure from the previous game, where the characters were known only via voiceovers, photographs, and happenstance characterisation through environmental cues.

The new listings call for a programmer, and an animator, continuing the minor restructure necessitated by the departure of the team’s previous lead programmer, Johnnemann Nordhagen. In addition, the team has shortened their name from The Fullbright Company to simply Fullbright, and introduced a snazzy new art-deco-inspired logo, as seen at the top of the page.

Last year’s Gone Home was a favourite here at OnlySP, earning a nomination for our coveted Game of the Year awards, and we look forward to the next project from this talented team. Let us know whether you’re excited about this project in the comments below, and be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to get all of the latest single player gaming news.

Sources: Fullbright, Eurogamer

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