Zebik Media have revealed the first details regarding their upcoming 3D action adventure game Deserted.

The game is inspired by the 1991 title ‘Out of this World’, which was famous for its cinematic nature, and wants to bring about “vast landscapes and towering spires [that] bring our vision of isolation to life.”

Zebik elaborate on the setting of the game, saying:

“Deserted inhabits an alien world thick with brooding forests and intimidating structures set against advanced alien architecture and hordes of unknown terrors waiting to end your journey. Nothing is easily given, our vision is to let [you] forge a path that is unique and satisfying. Every secret and puzzle is designed to shape your experience and add depth to the narrative.”

They go on to lay out what they aim to achieve with the game, from allowing you to explore a rich world filled to the brim with secrets and dark corners to a narrative that you have a hand in shaping.

Then we reach the gameplay, where Zebik say that your status as a galactic explorer means that “you come equipped with an arm mounted module system that allows you to track your health,synthesize materials, emit wonderful glows, and more importantly gives you the ability to construct a powerful holo-blade that can cut through most matter.”

This device is pivotal to your character’s ability to stay alive, and can communicate with objects and adapt to “foreign energies”. As well as the holo-blade you will be able to accrue secondary weapons, gadgets and new modules that allow you to modify your blade. You can also craft your own materials using items you have harvest on the planet which also allow you to upgrade your weapon.

Zebik also provided a video, linked below, that allows a glimpse in to the world they are creating, and have released a few screenshots too.

The game, currently slated for release in October of next year on PC, Linux, Mac, Android and IOS, is also currently in the midst of raising funds on Kickstarter, where they have so far made $557CAD of a $30,000CAD goal. The campaign runs until Boxing Day and can be viewed here.

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Deserted - Guardian Deserted - Map

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