The first official gameplay has been released via Polygon for the new Teenage Adventure game Oxenfree

The first gameplay for the new adventure teen thriller, Oxenfree, has been released via Polygon, showing off the point and click/2D platforming gameplay and some of the mysterious and quirky story.

Oxenfree is a single player adventure game and is the debut title from newly established developers, Nigh School Studio. The story follows Alex, a rebellious teenage girl and her group of friends who accidentally open a ghostly rift which leads to you having to solve the mystery of the forbidden Island you are on and escape in one piece.

Night School is an independent studio based in Los Angeles, California and are made up of two cousins, Sean Krankel and Adam Hines, former employees of Telltale and Disney, who are aiming to create media filled with wonder, danger and humor.

The game features a large arrange of talent, including voice actors from The Wolf Among Us, Telltales’s The Walking Dead and the Borderlands series, along with the music being crafted from artist ScnTfc, who has created music for numerous video game related projects.

You can check out the first gameplay footage here thanks to Polygon and learn more about the Night School and the development of Oxenfree through the developer’s blog.

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Oxenfree is set to come out late in 2015 for PC platforms and maybe consoles, but Night School Studio is still working out the details.

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