First Look at Dark Souls 3

It’s no lie that the Souls series have become a stable go to franchise for unrelentless challenge for gamers across the world that are tired, frustrated even by the hand holding a lot of modern day games provide now. Dark Souls in a way has allowed us to live just a smidgen of the glory days of early Sega and Nintendo, where difficulty is high and the usage of brain meats is rather important.

Dark Souls 3 is literally just around the corner and while assumed to be the last of installments for a while, it seems that developers From Software have no intention of letting up on the quality expected from fans of the series. Today we give you our first look at Dark Souls 3 on PC. A platform that has always suffered a little in love and attention when it comes to this line of games, but fear not young traveler because right now Dark Souls 3 on PC is the most optimized version if you wish to experience mega boss killing and smooth framerates throughout, something the console versions currently are suffering from.

In this thirty so minute preview we will take you through the beginning of Lothric as we fight a giant ice lizard and the very first boss you encounter that touts Bloodborne’s previous update to boss battles: The two phase fight. This means that while you may be comfortable have a one on one with this juggernaut knight, you will see him change his tactics drastically to the scale of unfair as he mutates and becomes an Albert Wesker reject from the end of Resident Evil 5. It is just as exciting as you would expect because not only are these fresh new fights to sit on the edge of your seat with but now we have that lovely Bloodborne game engine AND a combination of the PS4 exclusives faster paced combat, while also keeping the ‘soul’ of the Dark Souls installments with a focus on blocking and melee parrying.

Check it out and let us know in the comments what you think to the highly anticipated Dark Souls 3, which releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC next week!

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