First Trailer Released for Deal With The Devil Delves Into The Game’s Backstory


Round Table Games Studio has released the first trailer for their upcoming first-person horror title Deal with the Devil. The trailer is the first of five planned ‘transmissions’ that will help tell the back story for the game. If you can decipher their meaning.

“We’re delighted to share the first of a series of trailers which reveal some of the backstory of the main character Amelia,” says Studio Head Rich Barham, formerly of Blizzard.

“As you might imagine, we love a good dark tale, particularly when it is linked to a puzzle or mystery, With that in mind, we’ve included pieces of a puzzle to solve across the five trailers which lead to some more of the story of Amelia’s world.”

The trailer, which you can check out below, shows plenty of eerie footage to decipher, complete with creepy sound effects and minimal music. The trailer also provides a link to a password protected website entitled Sanctus Corporation.

Deal with the Devil is set just after World War I and follows a woman named Amelia Woods. Amelia is described as someone who “walks the tightrope between Champion and Anti-Hero.”

Players will take on the role of Amelia, making decisions that will lead her to become a hero or allow her to descend into an anti-hero. The game’s dark narrative will include the exploration of an Art-Deco 1920s world filled with mysterious horrors.

If you want to learn more about Deal with the Devil and the studio behind the game, you can check out our exclusive interview we did with them last February by clicking here.

No release date for Deal with the Devil has been announced. Let us know if you find anything interesting hidden in the trailer in the comments below. And follow Only SP on Facebook and Twitter for all future updates on Deal with the Devil.

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